Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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I do love me some pizza!
 Ok, yes - fun, Wine, and pizza was had by all Thursday night.  But what an unbelievable weekend!  Dinner party for 14 Friday night.  Tried Pioneer Woman's Best Lasagna Ever recipe -and yes, my girl from my hood (she's from Bartlesville - that's in Oklahoma, otherwise known as OK, because we are OK)  was correct - it is the BEST EVER!!!  I had so much fun trying out tons of new recipes.  The best was these amazing cheesecake stuffed strawberries!  Easy, easy to do - a great Pinterest find.

Yummy, ripe, sweet as can be strawberries!

Cut the tops off, and hull out some of the center.

Mix 8 oz. of softened cream cheese, with 4 Tblsp of powdered sugar, fill a sandwich bag with the mixture, seal, and cut one small corner off of the bag, so you can pipe the mixture into your strawberries. Yea...it's fun.
Crush some graham crackers, nice and fine.  We always seem to have these on hand - you never know when you might have a S'more attack.

And voila!  Yummy, pop-in-your-mouth goodness!

Ok, here is the funniest part of the evening....one of our dearest friends brought over this HUGE bottle of Estancia Pinot Noir.  First of all, Estancia is amazing - but in this bottle, it was over the top fun!  This is one of my newest creations for Fall....these embellished Wine corks.  Embellished with none other than Swarovski Elements.  This is also one of the biggest corks that I have ever seen!
This is the ginormous bottle!
Swarovski Elements Wine Charm

A very special idea at any great dinner party, or birthday party that you want to remember:  have all of the guests sign the label of the bottle!  A keepsake forever.  We will eventually remove the label, and have it framed.  Special times....special friends!  Till next time.......

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