Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ok, this is truly out of necessity - required of me as one of my duties of being a Create-Your-Style Ambassador for Swarovski.  But, why not have some fun with it?  Right?  I have been wanting to write a book called "Therabeading" so why not start out with a blog?

So here is my vision:  A blog, that not only shares some fun, therabeading (and crafty) designs, and hopefully a little bit of humor, but also maybe a few great recipes, and drink ideas...all great ingredients for some good therapy, right?

So today (tonight) will be my first attempt at sharing some of this with you. No major crafting in process (other than, mod podging a frame for my boyfriend's birthday) BUT...a dear girlfriend of mine is coming over....and....there will be Wine and  pizza (for sustenance, of course).  Wine will always be capitalized because it is always a proper noun in my life.  Not just any pizza.....D'Bronx pizza - local here in Kansas City.  Not just any toppings...but my favorite:  Canadian bacon and mushrooms. Of course there is creamy Italian dressing on hand for dipping.  And who would ever forget fresh grated parmesan cheese?

So pictures will appear...sometime - along my process.  Promise. Kind of.

Oh, and did I mention that I am now an empty nester?  Love my girls, and love the fact that they are both close by, but whoop, whoop! :)

Major dinner party preparation underway for bf birthday party Friday night.  Awesome recipes, and Wine.  Yes, you will hear about it.


  1. Can't wait to hear more! Love ya!!! Sparkles!!

  2. Welcome to the Blogging crowd! So looking forward to all you have to share. BIG Sparkles and Smiles to you!!!